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As a fan of the book, Round Ireland with a Fridge, I’m looking forward to seeing how the movie turns out. If anyone has read this bestselling book/road trip/memoir “Round Ireland with a Fridge”, it basically has a film version of that – in which the real author plays the role of the hero himself to see if he can make it as a huge hit like the book. Well, for me I enjoyed both the movie and the book. The book is very funny and silly, and I enjoyed reading it. Sad fact though that the real presenter featured in the book died recently. Which one do you prefer, the movie or the book? What’s the difference between them?

I saw the clip of the movie this morning and thought it may be quite amusing, so I’ve set my box to watch it. I enjoyed it, anyway I’ve got the book but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

The movie started off a bit slow but has gotten better and better. I’ve got the book but never read it. So much drama has been used in this movie.

It was good but not as good as the book though. The story was improved after a slow start. I only have a few problems. Some dialogues such as when the lead actor is on the road saying “Please stop” to cars, isn’t terribly interesting. Some of the scenes in the book are also missing.