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Round Ireland with a Fridge

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Hello moviegoers! Isn’t good if you’d spent some time watching Round Ireland with a Fridge today in this fair weather? This movie is based on the best selling novel of one of the most amazing writers in the world. Tony is an American comedian, and writer, not to be confused with other Tony we know, not that I initially made that mistake or anything when I first read the cover.

The story of Round Ireland with a Fridge is basically about a writer who is hitch-hiking in Ireland carrying a mini fridge. If you will notice, the story described is a purposeless idea, but a damn fine one. The story starts with a drunken friend that he followed but he quickly sobered up to realize what he was doing was absolutely ridiculous.

The story continues, when he meets different kinds of characters along the way. After some time of being on the road, he gains romantic interests and lots of fun friends. The scene with his day to day life while lugging the mini-fridge around is totally funny. Tony is good at taking experiences that seem cool, and even those that aren’t, and make it very funny. He has a way of talking about events that make them seem ridiculous.

The story about the mini fridge is kind of an ordinary tale but as the story goes on, the fridge becomes a spiritual symbol. People love him because of the mini fridge he carried. More and more people wants to help Tony and a lot of people tried to get to know him. In fact, he is even called a free man in one of the radio shows in Ireland where he improved his hitch-hiking. Tony made his real journey in 1990 before social media started. This gives us a reason to review the movie deeply.

For your information, there was also another movie made out of Tony’s journey. It is as good as the book and worth checking out as well.

Meanwhile, I hope everybody’s having a great day. MyMovies has other features for today such as “Paper Town” from John Greene and “The Vow” by Nicholas Sparks. Other best selling movies we’ve written about can be seen in our previous post. We’re just hoping that writers all over the world can give us more stories like this.

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